AIR Rent'a Car offers long-term rental services for all corporate and individual persons for certain periods of time. We would point out that convenience, flexibility and economy are the main reasons for using long-term rentals for reputable companies, smaller companies and individuals who would, for personal reasons, rent a suitable vehicle for a longer period. (Travel, Winter, Summer ..)

The service is designed to facilitate your business and day-to-day business responsibilities, with significant savings.

Given the accelerated lifestyle, there have been major changes in the daily habits and thinking of consumers in all fields of life, including the trend of owning property. An increasingly accepted trend is that we do not own valuable things but just use them. This avoids the extra expense of a home or business budget but also the extra effort, energy, and care of the same. With the long-term rental service, forget about the extra obligations such as:

  • Basic and comprehensive insurance
  • Registration and technical inspection cost
  • Regular and preventative vehicle maintenance
  • Tire replacement (summer / winter)
  • Company administration accounting is exempt from depreciation on the books of account

So we take on all the extra car care that is yours to drive. Point and drive.

Save your time money, care, time, energy and money, and provide your worker, salesman, manager or director with a convenient and functional vehicle.

Long-term rentals allow for one-time cost control, minimum and accurate monthly costs.

Duration of long term lease

  • Up to a month (short term)
  • 3-6 months (medium term)
  • More than 6 months to 3 years (long term)

In the long-term rental offer we have available all classes of vehicles such as: small city vehicles, medium-economy vehicles, luxury vehicles, vans.

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