Terms of vehicle use

1. This Agreement governs the mutual relations between Adriaticum travel d.o.o. – AIR RENT A CAR (hereinafter the lessor).

The lessor gives and the lessee receives the use of the vehicle listed on the first page of the contract, under the terms and conditions stipulated in this contract.

3. The lesee undertakes and confirms with his signature:

  • she's  / he's 21 years old and have a driver's license for at least 2 years
  • mentioned vehicle was taken over sealed on the km counter and the gearbox in good condition with all relevant accessories and equipment
  • will take back the vehicle with all the accompanying accessories and equipment in place and within the deadline set forth in this contract, or at the request of the lessor
  • the extension of the charter for a lease shall require the lessor 48 hours before the expiry of the time limit. If the lessee uses the vehicle without the permission of the lessee, he / she commits an arbitrarily extended time to pay the lessee a double rental price
  • it will take care of the vehicle's technical validity and the mandatory periodic service of the vehicle
  • it will regularly control and if necessary replenish the coolant, oil and tire pressure
  • the vehicle will be maintained with the care of an orderly host
  • the rented vehicle will not and should not be used for illegal purposes in connection with criminal offenses, customs and foreign exchange violations, driver training, carriage and towing of other vehicles, trailers or parts thereof for participation in motor sport events
  • the rented vehicle will be used for personal needs
  • it will not rent or lend it to third parties, will drive the vehicle alone or the person authorized to do so and which is specified in the contract as the other driver, who must be at least 21 years of age and possess a valid driver's license
  • the vehicle being leased will not burden people or objects over the permitted maximum weight and that they will move only by the road and the line
  • it can not and can not cross the border of Croatia without the permission of the charterer who is specifically included in the contract

3. If the lessee makes any provision or requirement under point 2 obliged to compensate the lessor for all and any damage to the lessor of that title, the extent of which will be determined by the lessor.

4. Oil charges as well as the cost of regular maintenance, except for the car wash, will be reimbursed to the lessee with proof of payment made.

The Lessee shall not alter any parts, assemblies or devices on the vehicle without the prior consent of the Lessor. The cost of the fuel consumed during the lease is borne by the lessee.


5. The lesee explicitly undertakes to pay the Lessee at his first request immediately:

  • the cost of the daily rent and the estimated mileage at the rates for the rented vehicle indicated in the price indicated by the lessee and is acquainted with them and agrees to use the vehicle.
  • excessive mileage is established by reading from the kilometer counter, if the meter is obscured by the overhead distances marked on the car
  • damages incurred on leased vehicle during lease and indemnity for non-damaged vehicle) during repair
  • charges, penalties, court and attorney's fees related to improper parking, violation of traffic regulations, non-payment of billing fees or other violations of the law against the leased vehicle, the lessee or the lessor if they are not caused by the guilty of the lessor.

Even after the completion of the rental, the lessee is held responsible for the traffic offenses committed.

If for the purpose of charging, the lessor determines a certain deadline for the lessee, and he does not pay this contract within the time limit, the lessor will initiate court proceedings for the collection of his claims.

6. Insurance

a.) All vehicles are secured against liability for damage caused to a third party. The deductible franchise depends on the vehicle group and is determined by the applicable fee of the Management Board of the Lessors and is specified in the Contract.

In the event of any damage to which the contract is made, the lessee is obliged to pay the same amount of the value of the vehicle, unless the liability is redeemed by the daily allowance determined at the lesser fare

The risk and the amount of compensation liability can be reduced by the lessee and by accepting the appropriate allowances:

  • CDW & CDW+- day-to-day insurance - the lessee reduces his or her liability for damage to the amount of franchise that is dependent on the vehicle group and if the amount of the damage is less than the franchisor, the lesser (full)
  • TP & TP+- Theft protection - Acceptance of the theft protection benefits the user limits his liability for this type of damage to the amount of the damage (franchise)
  • PAI- passenger personal insurance - payment of daily allowances for the insurance of passengers, drivers and passengers is provided for death or invalid cases of insurance prescribed by the insurance policy and applicable law and regulations
  • SCDW- franchise purchase - by paying the daily allowance, the lessee may redeem the participation in the damage.

The insurance does not in any case cover :

  • tires and wheel rim
  • the lower vehicle compartment, the interior of the vehicle and the windscreen caused by the carelessness of the driver
  • damage to the engine due to oil shortages, leakage of the type of fuel or improper use
  • a driver's car made under the influence of alcohol, drugs, or the like 
  • made by an unauthorized driver
  • Damage to the vehicle that was not registered at the police station

WUG - (Wheels Undercariagge and Glass) -  is an insurance that completely redeems the financial responsibility of participating in the damage caused on the wheels, undercarriage, on pneumatics and glass. The insurance does not cover damage caused by the interior of the vehicle.

The lessor is not considered to be responsible for the loss or loss of the lessee's assets in or on rented vehicle

b) The lessor does not guarantee the damages that the lessee would incur due to delays in the delivery of the vehicle or any fault on the vehicle that would arise during the leas

c) the lessee undertakes to protect the interests of the lessee and his insurance company in the event of an accident by:

  • it will be hurt and if it is not easy immediately to notify the police station and submit an accident report
  • in the event of major damage or accident in the case of injured persons as well as in all cases of obvious guilty of other persons, it is obligatory to immediately invite and wait for the traffic police to arrive at the official notice and to report to the nearest office of the lessor.

If the lessee fails to take the above steps in the event of an accident, he or she shall be liable for all consequences and damages to the lessee of that omission.

7. Any modification to the terms of this Agreement shall be valid if verified in writing by both Contracting Parties. This contract is made up of two identical copies, of which one is lent to the lessee, and 1 remains the lessor.

8. In the case of a dispute arising from this contract, the parties recognize the jurisdiction of the court in Zadar - Croatia


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